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Meeting on 11/1/2011

Xiaoyan Wang proposed her idea of creating an KAM based ontology engine. She is aiming to create an onotlogy editor which allow user to create class and instance of class. Meanwhile, Her tool would be able to create relationship of classes. These relationships not only include is-a or has-a relationships but also extend into user-defined relationships.
QuMing would like to focus on creating two agent in KAM (Discovery Agent and Link Agent).  In his three pages research plan, he introduced the current stage of KAM and explicitly explained his objectives.  He would like to make more progress of KEA algorithm wrote by Luyi Wang and apply it on his proposed new model, an attribute interest model. Besides these, he showed his interest on the  "QoS-aware" service which, as he proposed, should be a new and good feature for KAM system.