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KAM JAVA Project setup

1. install git on your box 
apt-get install git
2. clone our code repo. 

git clone
3.install maven and m2e
download maven from apache or apt-get install maven2
4. install git plugin and import into eclipse. 
eclipse->install software -> The Eclipse Project Updates ->Eclipse EGit
import-->git ->local->add repo->import project 
5. after the project was imported, you should see the "M" and "J" on the project icon. 
if you don't see that, right click on the project. click "configure"->"convert to maven project"
then maven will take care the library dependency download. 
When all these were set up, the project should have no error reported. 
6. To deploy the war file to your server. 
you can do either the following:
1.using command line.
 navigate to your project folder and type "mvn clean package jboss-as:deploy -Dmaven.test.skip=true"
2. using eclipse. 
click on button ("run as configuration" button) right  next to "run as button" on your eclipse 
it will pop up a menu, select "external tool configuration"
double clicking the "program" button will create a new entry, give a name as "mvn_jboss_package_skip_Test"
at the "location" column  put the "/usr/bin/mvn" ( apt install) or  $ maven_folder/bin/mvn (download from apache) 
at the "Working directory" column put ${project_loc}. This would locate your current project. 
at the Arguments. put "clean package jboss-as:deploy -Dmaven.test.skip=true"
then click "apply", and click "run" will trigger the deploy process. 
Next time, you can find the short cut when you click the "run as configuration " button.