Dr. K. Joseph "Joe" Cleetus

Associate Director: Concurrent Engineering Research Center


West Virginia University
P.O. Box 6506
886 Chestnut Ridge Road
Morgantown, WV 26506-6506

Phone: (304)293-7226
Fax: (304)293-7541


B.S., Physics, St. Xavier's College (Calcutta University)

M.S., University College of Science (Calcutta University)

Ph.D., Experimental High Energy Particle Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Te chnology (1968)

Work Experience

August 1988 to Present:

Associate Director, Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC) of West Virginia University

Senior Member Technical Staff at the Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC) of West Virginia University.

Dr. Cleetus chaired the Architecture Team in the DICE (Darpa Initiative in Concurrent Engineering) Project during its first two years . He played a lead role in developing the ideas and supervising the first implementations of the following software:

Dr. Cleetus has published papers on the subject of CE, authored review chapters in conference proceedings on CE technology, and chaired workshops in this field. He is also a keen follower of the process improvement techniques accompanyingthe application process improvement techniques of CE to enterprises. He has spoken on such subjects to many organizations: Boeing Airplane Company, US Army commands, Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group, Raytheon, BF Goodrich, IBM, NATO, and other organizations pursuing CE along a technology supported path. He has taught courses on the principles and practice of CE to executives of multinational companies, and developed video tape presentations on CERC technology with members of CERC staff.

Currently he is working in the following areas:

  1. Organizing a global initiative called CERES-GKN which the Director, Dr. Ramana Reddy, set in motion for sharing knowledge concerning how to make products that take the environment into account at the design stage as one more essential perspective of product development. Some would call it green engineering, but CERES-GKN is focused on building a knowledge sharing network globally that companies and research agencies will build and use.
  2. Consulting with a Federal lab for simplifying the process of product certification for OSHA compliance, and endowing the process with a great deal of supporting information technology, including workflow management. Business process reengineering (BPR) is involved; however the emphasis is not only on mapping the process as it should be, but reconstructing it with the new technologies.

1977 to 1988

DCM Data Products, India, a manufacturer of UNIX mini-computers based on the Intel 80386 and and Motorola 68020. Was in charge of a 40-person software group making systems software products such as Cobol and Fortran compilers for the 80386 and 68020 target processors.

Other products included a friendly query language for DOS and UNIX Cobol files,a Fourth-Generation application development tool, and an integrated high performance Fortran 77 development system for the Macintosh. Started the export marketing of computer software from India to the US for the DCM company with an office in Fort Worth, TX. The operation was grossing half a million dollars of software revenue per year in 1988. Proposed and developed expert systems for hotel reservations and retail computer marketing.

Joined IBM India in 1970 and spent 7 years in Systems Engineering. Experienced in System /370 OS/VS operating system, GPSS, and MPSX packages. Specialized in OR applications of computers. Served as a consultant to the Indian Railways for railroad applications of diverse types . Also implemented process-control systems for thermal power plants and the LD furnace in a public sector steel plant, using the IBM 1800.

Extensively used computers (PDP-1 and IBM System/360-44) for pattern recognition of particle photographs, data reduction, and Monte Carlo simulation. Taught physics for 2 years at Antioch College and Jackson State College. Later worked in cosmic ray physics at Punjab University, Chandigarh, India.



Married, 3 children, 1 wife, no pets