Collaboration Technology for the Real-time Treatment of Patients

Healthcare delivery is a team operation involving a number of highly skilled individuals collaborating to treat each patient. Our healthcare application, ARTEMIS, gives authorized healthcare providers timely access to distributed multimedia patient care information and enables them to confer with other health care providers from their desktops.

Authorized healthcare personnel can employ CERC's customized WWW application or a standard WWW browser to access up-to-date patient information from ARTEMIS patient record servers. The extensive patient records include medical history, encounter notes, laboratory reports, and diagnostic images. Referrals to specialists are conveyed via multi-media mail, while consultations among healthcare providers are conducted through desktop video conferences that allow shared viewing of relevant multimedia medical records.

The ARTEMIS project was sponsored, in part, by the National Library of Medicine from 1993-97. CERC developed this system in collaboration with Valley Health Systems, Inc., Cabell Huntington Hospital, and St. Mary's Hospital -- all in Huntington, West Virginia -- as well as with physicians from West Virginia University's Health Sciences Center in Morgantown.

Currently, the ARTEMIS technology is being commercialized by CareFlow|Net, Inc. through a cooperative agreement with West Virginia University. As part of this agreement, CERC is subcontracted to CareFlow|Net to customize the modules.

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