Collaboration Technology for Multimedia-enhanced Distance Learning

CERC is involved in the research and demonstration of multimedia communications technologies for distance education. For example, CERC's Meeting on the Network (MONET) tool, a two-way desktop conferencing system, is being examined as a medium for classroom instruction. Improving video and audio compression ratios are making multimedia conferencing viable for interactive distance learning.

By using multimedia tools over the World Wide Web, educators can extend their reach beyond the physical classroom to the "virtual classroom," which has no physical boundaries. This can be more convenient not only for educators but also for non-traditional students.

Through an endowment from the Bell Atlantic Corporation, CERC and West Virginia University's Department of Statistics and Computer Science have established a Multimedia Communications Laboratory. The laboratory focuses on basic research issues relevant to distance learning.

CERC also maintains a modern satellite uplink facility with a link to the National Technological University's nationwide distance education system.

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